4 Steps to Establish a Daily Meditation Routine – Daily Mediation Practice


Daily meditation is something which we have avoided today in our daily busy lives and we never feel it’s important to add it in our daily routine. We never know that whenever we are driving, working, studying or cooking; in between some short span of meditation practice can really increase our focus, concentration and rest of the abilities. It really helps in bringing out the best from you and focuses on generating the utilization of self-discipline, organized behavior and new characteristics in the personality which further more flourish them as well.

  • Start with small time span for meditation

Start with small time span for meditation

It is really preferred to do mediation for short span of time at first if you are new to it like for 6 to 10 minutes because it helps you to do more better focus and fights against major distractions that hit your mind. It is recommended do to meditation for short span of time first because for any person it is impossible to just concentrate and focus for anything at a longer period of time so when you start doing it with short span of time, then it elevates more towards better concentration, good focus and memorizing ability. Not only this, but mediation is a practice of self-reliance as well which really affects you to ponder upon yourself. The simple process of breathing in and out really helps in the development of your mental and physical well-being for the long term. In start, may be you feel awkward but with time you would more fresh and energized. Meditation always bring long-lasting impressions on your health and body which no other practice can offer.

  • Do take guidance for Meditation

It is always recommended for new people who are into meditation that please take guidance from the experts or people who are into its daily practice because it requires planning, strategies and lot more which requires your daily motivation as well. Sometime people needs support and this is the point where you need guidance, may be it can be any online resource or an onsite teacher but don’t skip this part. Similarly, if you feel more relatable with yoga or aerobics then just go for it and make some time for it once in a week for two to three hours if it is possible. Because it would really effect on your mental well-being positively.

Similarly, if no one is able to guide you further the just think about some alternative solution like search something for your inner peace and satisfaction that makes you happy and more close to mother nature. May be in start, you would not feel anything which is changing within you but surely as the time would pass, you will start feeling some energy in yourself which not only comes within you but also in your surroundings as well.

  • If it is not working in single then do it in groups

large group meditating

Every person has their own psychological aspects like some people do more good when they are alone and some do amazing work in groups. People who like to be more individual are those who gets disturbed when they see other performing better than them and they ultimately start judging themselves, so if you are a kind of person then omit it but if other’s performances boost you up then just go for it because meditation also works well on your communication and interpersonal skills. Similar case, is with exercise and yoga as they boost your confidence so high and bring many positive energies into your soul that none other can understand so well.

Sometimes reflection do disturb people and they start judging themselves up in this alone time so, it is preferred that people at that time should prefer to do or attend gatherings and meetings. Even the person who is very good into meditation can also interact very well with others and also places uniformity in the whole scenario. Similarly, exercise also brings one of the most positive aspect on your body where you can only focus on your self-motivation and confidence and no one would understand that how you work on your psychological aspect and improved your mental well- being.

  • Make any place for your personal meditation time

Personal and customization brings a lot of positive effect towards your goal and motivates you to do something better. Similarly, if you think that after doing it for 15 days, you have got bored then stop and think what customization you can do in it. May be its all about dullness of your boring place and environment, so don’t wait and start personalizing it. Fill it with different photographs, props, bright lights, candles, scented pieces, hallowed books; all those things which reinforces your positive vibes. Definitely, it would change your mood and would motivate you to do something every day.

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