Avoid these 6 unhealthy foods that slow down your metabolism – best foods to eat


Avoid these 6 unhealthy foods that slow down your metabolism – best foods to eat

There’s no doubt about it: figuring out how to lose weight is hard. If you’re hitting the gym, eating right, and getting those sleep what else could you possibly do to reach those weight-loss goals? One answer: ditch these metabolism-damaging foods.

Metabolism, a naturally-occurring biochemical process whereby your body converts food and drinks into energy, is a key factor when it comes to achieving that number on the scale. The more efficient your body is at burning calories and transforming them into energy, the less likely you’ll put on extra pounds in the first place. But when this natural ability isn’t working in its most effective state, your body isn’t able to shred as fatter as you’d like. And one of the reasons why this slowdown happens is because you’re consuming these metabolism-wrecking foods. With each bite of these choices, you move the weight-loss finish line that much farther away because it is slowing down your metabolism every other day in your unhealthy lifestyle.

Following unhealthy foods that slow down your metabolism

  • Refined Grains

It’s no secret up to expectation pasta, bread, then pizzas shouldn’t stay concerning thy list of go-to so you’re attempting in accordance with keep so belly flat. But now you functionate want in accordance with treat yourself, operate such the right way. Large portions regarding gluten, starch, then phytic acid can also harm your metabolism. In fact, so evaluating the human body’s capability in imitation of digest grains, researchers agreed so deciding on fine grains used to be a lot greater negative to our insides.

An American journal published a lesson to that amount explained to that amount so choosing complete grains instead concerning refined ones, your physique will bear an increased calorie loss due to the fact like are fewer energy preserved for the duration of circumambulation and thy danger turns into extra active. The easier a carb is white bread, gray pasta, or hoar rice; the less difficult that is for your physique after spoil such down. This potential you danger doesn’t have according to work as much hard in imitation of destroy it meals down. When thou consume more small grains, thine consequence revs above namely your body manufactory tougher according to break this nutrients down. Plus, it simple carbs cease upon spiking you blood grit administration according to extra fats storage.

  • Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol in one sitting, which is more than one drink per day for women and two for men, can take a major toll on your metabolic rate. It may surprise you, the reason alcohol is linked to weight gain is not just about the calories. According to research, drinking alcohol decreases the body’s fat-burning ability by 73%. When drinking at an excessive rate, acetaldehyde is formed. This highly toxic substance waves many internal red flags to your body’s digestive system. Instead of your metabolism burning the calories you consume, your body has to work to detoxify these chemicals.

  • Yogurt

Greek yogurt offers many metabolism-boosting benefits thanks to its high protein concentration and probiotics. But when you venture into the world of traditional yogurt, you’re not dishing yourself a dairy product that’s well worth it. These alternatives have little to no probiotics when compared to Greek yogurt, which has been proven to ramp up your metabolism. Probiotics also improve gut health — which has also been shown to reduce systemic inflammation and reduce the risk of obesity and other diseases. Greek yogurt also packs more of a protein punch.

If you aren’t consuming enough protein to keep your muscles and cells healthy, the body ends up breaking down muscle to access the nutrients it needs—and this spells trouble. Less muscle mass means a slower metabolism, which over time, can cause weight gain. Plus, be wary of yogurts with too much added sugar and fruit puree. These simple carbs are quickly digested, causing a spike in blood sugar and an inevitable crash, leaving you feeling hungry and craving more simple carbs and slowing down your metabolism.

  • Sugary foods

Best foods to eat like fruit juice and sugary cereal put a major damper on your diet by slowing down your metabolism. Just one glass of the classic Orange juice in the morning serves you a whopping 22 grams of sugar, and a bowl of sweetened cereal can set you back more than 20 grams of sugar per bowl. When you consume such high quantities of the sweet stuff, your levels of blood glucose soar into the stratosphere. This tells your metabolism to slow down, meaning you’ll burn fewer calories and add to your fat stores.

  • Sea Salt

Iodized salt has a positive effect on your thyroid and, in turn, your metabolism. Without sufficient levels of iodine, your thyroid function becomes impaired and it’s harder for your body to burn fat,” says a well-known nutritionist, who suggests sneaking sea vegetables into your diet at least three times a week.

  • French Fries

French fries are often fried in hydrogenated oils, loading them with slowing down your metabolism Trans-fats. Research published in the American Journal has positively linked the consumption of fried foods with an increased risk of abdominal obesity and weight gain in adults, putting your health at risk with every bite.