Causes and Natural Tips to Cure Big Bump on Lip line – water blister on lip


Causes and Natural Tips to Cure Big Bump on Lip line – water blister on lip

Bumps on upper lips can be frustrating and very hurting on this subtle area of your body, not to mention affect your self-assurance. Bumps on your lips can make you more self-conscious because people will immediately notice them. Visually, lip bumps can variety from red and annoyed to skin-toned and hardly obvious to anyone.Sometimes the lip bumps can look like small white dots, others turn into large cysts, and some become blisters.

Bump on inside of lip:

A water blister on lip, also known as a bump is a fluid-filled swelling that occurs inside the lip or on mouth. The bump develops when the mouth’s salivary glands become plugged with coating. Most cysts are inside the lower lip, but they can occur anywhere inside your mouth. They’re usually temporary and painless.

Causes of Bumps on Lips:

Many causes of bumps on lips are not of a thoughtful nature and can be cured with a few steps. However, you should be aware of the complications stemming from serious health conditions.


Hormonal imbalance and a lack of proper skin care can lead to oral acne. These tiny bumps are a forerunner to an eruption of acne. They can appear with upraised sides or packed with pus. Acne bumps can be treated.


Your favorite lipstick, lip balm, or other covering may cause small blisters on lips due to an allergen irritant in the cosmetic. With all avoidance taken, you may also have an outburst if you kiss or share a glass with someone consuming the product. Other allergens could also be the cause such as food, pollen, mold, and pet dander.

Bacterial Infection:

As with cold sores, the first realizing feeling felt on the lips is the symbol of an infection. There are bacterial infections that can outcome in tiny bumps on lips. It can be easily spread by sharing lip balms, or even cause recurrence from using the same lipstick surface as before the outbreak.

Cold Sores:

Lower lip is a common site for cold sores or Maybe not. Cold sores are painful liquid filled blisters that can occur on the lips, roof of the mouth or the gums which are caused by the herpes simplex virus (hsv-1). An expected 80% of Americans have been unprotected to herpes simplex virus type 1, but not all of those people will get cold sores. Maybe bump on lip, not cold sore because it depends on your immune system.

Fordyce’s Spots:

A cluster of tiny spots on, or near your lips can be Fordyce’s spots. They are not contagious and will not cause pain. These tiny bumps on lips are sebaceous glands of hair follicles commonly seen on the lips, on the inner mouth cheeks, or even on the genitals. They usually disappear over time.


Just as the skin exterior of our body entails protection from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, our lips need safety as well. Lip bumps that appear the same color as the lip surface are caused by sunburn.


This is a rare cause of stress bumps on lips, but it can happen, especially to male smokers. The tiny sores do not heal or vanish, and can appear to turn from white to red. They also can blow inside of the mouth and disturb the tongue, gums, and jaw.

bump on lip

Other Causes:

Contact dermatitis also can cause lip bumps. Small lip blisters or papules can form when people experience an allergic reaction to certain foods or toothpastes. Skin responses to oils found in fruits such as mangoes, can create a rash on the lips. Benign tumors called fibromas can also develop on the mouth or lips. Because there can be so many causes for lip bumps, you should see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment.


Dry burning lips with bumps, is an only symptom if you are suffering with such disease. It is common question among numerous people that what is lip burning sensation?

Dry burning lips with bumps Sensation:

A lip burning sensation may consequence from irregular sensations in the lips due to nerve injury or dysfunction. Certain types of neuropathy may result in lip burning sensation, as the cranial nerves from the brain supply the lips. Symptoms may happen in the lips or any other area of the body that is delivered by an outlying nerve. Burning lips sensation is may be the only symptom knowledgeable, it may start as an itchy and change to shock, or there may be a mixture of symptoms. Burns from heat, cold, chemicals and sun can also cause of a lip burning sensation.

Curing Bumps on Lips with Natural Home Remedies:

For those bumps that do not entail medical care, there are a few home remedies and lifestyle changes to cure bumps on lips. These will accelerate the healing progression, as well as ease any associated pain. Here are some of the ways to avert bumps on lips.

  • Maintain good oral health habits by brushing teeth two to three times daily and floss at least once a day.
  • After an occurrence of a bump on lip, change your toothbrush.
  • Freshen mouth with a warm saltwater rinse solution.
  • Evade touching the bump and wash hands carefully after placing fingers on or near it.
  • Use lip balms with SPF during any outdoor activities, including walking.
  • Use lip harvests made with natural constituents, and abstain from using flavored lip balm to evadedefeating lips.
  • Keep lips hydrated by drinking water on a daily basis.

Bumps on lips can be painful, and may cause you to be uncomfortable when in public. Several forms of the bumps can be easily cured with proper oral hygiene and may be vanish over a short time. Additional symptoms could designate a more serious health condition, and you may need to take steps to pursue medical attention. It is important to note the size, shape, and color of the bump or bumps, in order to determine the underlying cause, so prevention for a recurrence can be taken.