Top 10 foods for beautiful skin and hair based on holistic nutrition


Holistic nutrition is not a magic. In today’s busy lifestyle, it is really difficult to have beautiful skin and hair naturally where you often enjoy too many days at the beach, having late night parties, sleeping disorders, eating junk everything, etc. It’s our duty to give sometime towards our body and health and in this era, it is only possible with the help of holistic detox diet.

If health is good and has been taken care of then only your skin would glow and become nourished. But on the other hand, if you would be lacking the healthy holistic living recipes then your skin would show signs of aging and stress. Plus your hairs would start thinning and become rough.

Today, we will be discussing some 10 most important holistic nutrition based food items for beautiful skin and hair. Have a look!

Those vegetables which are in dark orange color – carrot and sweet potatoes

These vegetables are always added in holistic nutrition recipes. They are a huge source of Vitamin A and always helps in building up of new cells and rejuvenate the skin.

It also increases the blood flow towards your skin which thus helps in fighting with the wrinkles and signs of aging.

Fish, soybean, and flaxseeds are the best combinations

All these three food items are the best source of omega-3 fatty acids which help to nourish your skin by reducing inflammation and excessive production of androgen.


Generally, salmon and sardines are added in the holistic diet plan for weight loss. Similarly, soybeans and flaxseeds in ground form are one of the best vegetarian sources to consume omega-3 fatty acids.

The dark green color vegetables – spinach, kale and broccoli

If you go through the real meaning of holistic food definition so it means that it detoxifies your body well and help you in making a full-fledged balanced diet so one can easily have a good taste food with lots of health benefits.

It also helps in increasing the quantity of Vitamin A in your body which will ultimately help to make your skin glowing and fresh.

Citrus fruits along with blackberries, blueberries and red grapes

It is a powerful antioxidant agent which slow down the process of free radical damages on the inside and outside of skin layer. It helps you to prevent from many skin diseases and slow down the process of aging on the skin. Antioxidants are abundantly used in the holistic detox diet.

Red meat, eggs, and seafood are essential in a holistic food pyramid

All of these food items are essential because it generates iron in your body which really helps in rejuvenating new cells and building up oxygen in your body which results in a glowing and healthier skin.

Beans should not be avoided

There are several kinds of beans which include the black beans, red beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, etc. All of them help in boosting your mental power and hair growth.

They are rich in iron, zinc, biotin, etc. which helps to consume much holistic nutrition in the form of bigger chunks in less time. One can say that it eliminates the pollutants from your hair.

Eating oats in everything is the next craze

There are few food items that taste great, can be used in most of the recipes and have a complete nutritional chain, but Oats are one of them.

It is having all of the nutritional components which a good hair growth needs like zinc, copper, Vitamin B, biotin, etc. According to best holistic medicine books, it is highly recommended for the solution of hair loss treatment.

Wheat Germ gives you a super boost for hair growth

Wheat germ is a complete package having Vitamin B, zinc, magnesium, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, etc. Its importance cannot be avoided at any cost in the holistic eating recipes giving you chance to regrow your hair follicles and making them in thick strands.

Sunflower seeds help in making your hair long and strong

Sunflower seeds are having a powerful ingredient named as ‘Scilia’ which prevents your hair from breakage and thinning. If you don’t like its natural taste in food then just take a handful of seeds and take it with water as a medicine.

Nuts are essential for hair regrowth

Nuts are always have been a crucial part of holistic nutrition diet. In nuts, cashews, walnuts, and almonds are generally considered as to be most important for the hair regrowth and thicken process