10 Natural tips to Fix Patchy Beard and Fill in the Patchy Facial Hair


Causes and Tips to fix patchy Facial hair:

Patchy beard is the loss of hair in a specific part of the beard area. It’s the dream of each guy to have the beards developing calmly with deep strong hair. But, this isn’t the case for a few as a patch may broaden at any degree of existence due to various factors. Improvement of a bald patch is intently related to alopecia Barbie with the principle distinction being that, for the later there is slow extensive spread hair loss. Underneath are some major causes of patchy facial hair.Do not even think what to do with a patchy beard, just convert it in style.

Causes of bald beard patches:

Bald beard patches can cause by someaspects that includes;

  • Hormonal imbalance– Substantialreduction of hormones that influences male characteristics may lead to development of a bald patch in the beard region.
  • Hereditary factor– The patchcan may be due to genetics that run in the family.
  • Infection– Patch in the beard region can be notoriously caused by Fungal infection especially ringworms.
  • Emotional changes– Depression and intense stress can be reason of formation of a patch in the beard zone.
  • Dental problems– Unnoticed dental illnessescanbe reason of development of patches in the beards.
  • Autoimmune– it is type ofsickness whichdevelops due to genetics. Autoimmune disorder may result to development of a patch in the beards.
  • Over trim the beard: This one is clear. If you have a single of those electric razors with a score setting on them, ensure that you begin as high as likely and gradually work your way down. Moreover, ensure that you apply the blade consistently, with still pressure and expend the similar sum of time on each part. Or else, one cheek is going to seem bearer than the other or lessen beard on cheeks.

It is common case among men around world, which plays curious role on look and attractiveness. So everyone wants to know that how to fix a patchy beard? There are natural ways to overcome that problem at home.

patchy facial hair

Natural Tipsto fix patchy beard:

There are several natural methods that are operative in patchy beard growth. The process of growing hairs in patches at home is free of side effects and will show you a positive result.

So, how to make a thin beard look good? That’s million dollar question asked by enormous bearded men around the world.The fact is that there is trickling of approaches to actually grow facial hair to ultimatelyeliminate bald patches in beard area.

Here’s a list of some proven “patchy beard solutions” with some clarification;

Let It Grow

The first stair to filling in patches is to let your hair grow while resisting the urge to trim. Wait at least a month before touching a razor so you can see the trend of hair growth and where the patches have spot out. Then trim patchy beard on your cheek and jaw line after a month to keep things orderly, and let your hair grow.The longer your beard, the more likely the bald patches in beard will get lost.

Take Good Care of Your patchy Facial Hair:

During your hair growth period, it’s best to support new hair growth and keep cavities healthy Fragile, patchy facial hair only degrades irregular beard.

Close shave:

Once the development of a patch in the beard region is spotted, it is suitable to conduct a complete shave of the present hair. In process to clear all the hair, shave closely to the skin. Clearing of all the hair provides an opportunity of growing a beard at same rate evenly while allowing for successful treatment in case of infection.

Use essential oils:

Use of essential oil is highly recommended to fix bald spots in beard. The essential oils have the ability to treat the skin, hair follicles and enhance healthy hair growth. For full beard growth, the following uses of essential oils may be helping you;

  • Cleaning with essential oils-Some oils are operative in cleaning the beard area. In this case, Almond, peppermint, cinnamon and tea tree are readily available essential oils with deep cleaning ability with anti-microbial properties. For example adding some drops of tea tree oil into some warm water and cleaning the beard region with the solution helps in clearing any infections present on the skin.
  • Falsifying the hair with oils– Once the beard hair starts to grow, you can use the orange pulp to massage the bald area twice in a week. This helps in removing any dead skin cells while nourishing the young hair to grow in a healthy way.

Keep the hair nourished:

To enhance healthy and evenly distributed beard hair, men with patchy beards should apply lavender oil mixed with jojoba oil daily. After washing your face, apply this mixture on the beard region and brush the hair with a soft brush. This leads to successful patchy beard fix.


Exercising and losing weight increases testosterone and blood circulation which both have a huge effect on facial hair growth. Short, but intense workouts will cause testosterone to increase faster and will also prevent it from declining. Beard and testosterone growth go hand in hand, so head to the gym and break a dampness to have thicker beard growth.

Minimize Stress and Anxiety:

Stress has been shown to constrict blood vessels and some evidence even points to cortisol reducing testosterone levels. The same way you can lose hair due to stress, it can also play main role in lessen beard on cheeks. So, minimizing stress can get you free of patches in hair and in beard area.

Eat Well:

A healthy and well-balanced diet is a key to growing facial hair. Vitamin, protein, and mineral are healthy diets and a great way to grower thicker hair. You can fix beard bald spots by adding foods to your diet which are full of vitamins and proteins. It may help you convert patches into healthy hairs.

Consider Taking Some Vitamins:

If you are having a problem like your beard not growing in spots then taking supplements like iron; vitamin B, D, and E and magnesium can all increase hair thickness. Check with your doctor before taking any over the counter supplements. Some out of there that are designed specifically for beard growth, but since supplements are a highly unregulated industry, you should be prepared that they might not work.

Give Yourself a Break:

We all know a big part of how fast our beard grows in is caused by simple genetics, but unlike some aspects such as your height, your beard will keep growing. It may take some time, but if you make the commitment, you will be rewarded with a lush and grand beard.

If for whatever reason, you aren’t growing any facial hair, that’s a whole other issue, and you make require medical treatment to fix it.

Fixing Glaring Patches:

If you can’t justify waiting for all the hair to grow out, and you need to fix facial hair grows in patches, the only quick way is to trim the entire beard down to the length of the lowest patch. It will stop your beard to grow out quickly, but it will help you to improve the consistency and density of growing hair.

Growing a luscious, full beard is success and festivity of manhood, but beards are not formed equal. It can be startling for many guys that aspire to such bearded to see missing patches in beard area while looking in the mirror.Today we are going toclarify you that what to do with a patchy beard? First of all you should be aware of some technical reasons for formation of patches.

Consider drinking plenty of water: A hydrated body can fling additional dampness to aid beard not growing in spots.


Hope you will improve beard coverage with upper told easy methods.If you find you are having still patchy beard or having trouble growing it out, rest assured it will come. It may take one, two or even three months, but it will come with time and patience. In the meantime, start imagining how great it will look fully grown.

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