How to flush kidneys and liver (Cleansing kidneys)

Today’s unhealthy lifestyle has resulted in a variety of toxins and diseases to our body due to a daily intake of fast-food, excessive use of caffeine & drinks, improper sleeping schedule, etc. This practice has badly damaged our organs as well such as the poor functioning of kidneys, tumors, a growth of kidney stones, infections, cysts, etc. Today we will discuss simple tips to detoxify the kidneys using simple changes in diet and lifestyle.

Cleansing your Body

Tips for how to detoxify your kidneys

    • Drink lots of water. It is one of simplest thing in order to make your kidney function normally. Make your habit of having at least 8 – 10 glasses of water of per day.
    • Citrus fruits are essential to have for cleansing kidneys, so just add lots of oranges, kiwis, grapes in your diet to have loads of potassium.

  • Berries are important to have for detoxifying kidneys such as cranberries which work as a purifier for the liver.
  • Fill your diet plans with most of the organic foods and products.
  • Food items that detoxify your kidneys are mostly grown from the ground and are full of potassium to help for the good function of the liver.
  • Grain is an essential part of kidney cleansing food as it eliminates uncontrolled diabetes and other associated problems of the kidney.
  • Dandelion leaf is a type of herb, especially used for treating the liver, kidney and gallbladder problems. Try to have it once a week with salads, tea or chocolates for cleansing the kidneys.
  • Similarly, a herb ‘Uva Ursi’ commonly known as Bearberry acts as a supplement for detoxifying kidneys by treating the damages and irritation of kidney tissues and stones.
  • Stay away from Protein or make portion control in your diet for this substance. High-protein food never helps in kidney cleansing process.
  • Avoid intake of caffeine, chocolates, and alcohol as much as you can. Try to eliminate it from your diet wholly. Make replacements through juices, fresh fruits, and nuts.
  • Try to set monthly appointments with your doctor for further consultation in this whole process of detoxifying kidneys. It is not a single tip but a whole change in Lifestyle.

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