How can Holistic Massage Therapy Help Treat Anxiety and Depression?

A good, warm and gentle massage is the only thing a person wants after having a tiring and stressful day. This beautiful and relaxing touch that we are able to give and receive helps us to convey information and messages, focus better and works as a holistic therapy for depression.

For those of you who struggle with depression or anxiety, it is better for you to understand one thing that lack of physical never generates a good mental health.

It would lead to a mental health disorder thing because it lacks the regulation of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol who are responsible to fight against the stress anxiety and depression.

According to different researchers, Massage is very beneficial and serve your mental health in a variety of ways when used it is used as a holistic depression treatment method within a comprehensive mental health program techniques.

  • Massage helps to decrease cortisol levels by up to 50% after just a 30-minute session. Consistent high cortisol levels can negatively affect the brain’s structure and its level of functioning which directly contribute to the high level of anxiety.
  • Massage also simultaneously increases the levels of both dopamine and serotonin which increases good vibes in our brain up to 30%.
  • Not only this, but massage also lowers the blood pressure level and maintain it to a normal level which helps in good blood circulation and flow.

So, overall message has proven itself to be one of the most beneficial methods for maintaining the mental health and improving it to a higher level.

It is important to remember that it should be used as a holistic therapy for depression, not as any sort of alternative treatment.

How can massage help in treating the anxiety and depression?

The massage therapy focuses greatly on strengthening a positive mind-body connection, it can be of great aid as a complement to treatment in those who struggle with a psychological condition that is seemingly separate from their physical life.

This is because massage focuses on the different pressure points to generate sensations and their connection to specific emotions, helping you to become more acutely aware of how they are interlinked and are more able to recognize what you are feeling.

massage help in treating the anxiety and depression

Understanding both your positive and negative emotions and how they manifest in both your mind and body through massage can help you recognize and manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Massage can also have an impact on our relationship to our own self, allowing us to feel more present, positive and aware in our bodies.

This gentle touch activates our skin’s pressure receptors which release oxytocin hormone that helps to promote feelings of trust and attachment.

Struggling with depression and severe anxiety can cause sufferers to withdraw socially and emotionally from others, and regenerating the ability to function healthily in those ways can begin with a message from a trusted professional.

The regular practice of massage therapy can also reinforce feelings of comfort and relaxation and improve the relationship you have with your body.

How to maintain the effects of massage for self-care?

The wide-ranging advantages of massage are vast and comprehensive because the longer you maintain a self-care routine after treatment that includes regular massage, the longer the benefits from it will last.

While regular, professional massages are certainly the most effective way to receive the benefits of touch, the good part is that you can take personal steps in-between your ongoing professional therapy and massage sessions in order to continue receiving these mind and body benefits.

Simple neck massage can not only relieve pain but can reduce the chances of a headache and feelings of stress after a long day.

Similarly, a basic foot massage can greatly help your fatigue if you are your feet all day, and a gentle temple rub before bedtime can help you sleep easy.

Even just five minutes of quiet self-massage can have a great effect on your overall health and well-being, in conjunction with continued therapy to help maintain control over your depression or anxiety on your healing journey.

It is very important and crucial for you to take of yourself first because if you would maintain yourself and love your body only then you can have a good and sound mind.

Its importance can sometimes get lost in the midst of struggle, pain, and difficult situations but a commitment to building your mind-body connection through self-care can help you maintain a positive mental state after treatment and beyond.

You need to be in good general health to be able to withstand the physical demands of your work. Getting enough sleep and exercise, eating well and not smoking are among the healthy practices that can help your body heal quickly after a long day at work. This is the real essence of a holistic therapy for depression and anxiety.

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