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Dandruff, is one of the most stubborn issue of scalp which generates dry patched skin of head, constant itching, scalp issues, severe skin condition, etc. Serious Dandruff is really embarrassing and one cannot make any kind of chosen hair style when it is already present in hairs that is why some preferred solution should be done for it.In this article you will find how to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally. Many shampoos very harsh chemicals to remove dandruff like zinc pyrithione which fights with fungus and also eliminates the dead skin cells from the scalp as well. If chemical shampoos don’t suit you or are not working for you permanently then go towards home remedies get rid of dandruff naturally. Some of them are discussed below:

Here are few Natural Ingredients to get rid of dandruff naturally

  • Indian Lilac

how to remove dandruff

Indian Lilac is one of the most anti-bacterial and effective substance that can really help you individually and in combination to treat many problems and majorly dandruff. It is normally called as ‘Neem’ and really fights with every kind of hair irritation, scalp itching and other similar problems, etc. There are various ways to apply Indian Lilac over your hair to get rid of dandruff, am sharing one of them.

–           Boil some neem leaves in hot water and strain it out. Allow it to cool and then use it thrice a week at least.

–           Indian Lilac can also be used in combination with vinegar. Just wash your hair and then apply this mixture on your scalp. Leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse it off. After this, apply Indian Lilac oil only which would give your hair a new relaxing effect as well.

–           Similarly, you can also use Indian Lilac in combination with other oils like tea tree oil. Mix it together and then gently massage on your scalp. It is regarded one of the most popular technique.

  • Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar is really sharp and it really helps to get rid of dandruff completely. It really makes your hair shiny, clean and also rebuilds your pores. It also really helps in detoxification so also helps in regeneration of hair and hair follicles as well. Apple cider vinegar is preferred only due to its several beneficial contents like potassium, enzymes and acetic acid abundantly in it. For treating dandruff with the help of Apple Cider Vinegar, following process can be chosen:

–           Take two tablespoons of apple juice vinegar. Mix some water and 15-20 drops of tea tree oil in it.  Apply it onto your itchy scalp and then wash it off. Try it once in a week at least.

Similarly, White vinegar can also work wonder for dandruff removal. It also removes itching, dryness and patching.

  • Include one some vinegar to some water. Wash your hair with any regular shampoo and then massage with the mixture of olive oil and white vinegar over your scalp and roots. Try it at least after every 7 days.

Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil kills dandruff because of its antifungal properties and it can deal with lots of hair problems as well. It is a great moisturizer as well by nature that nourishes the scalp, makes it hydrated enough and also it is one of the best conditioner available that makes the hair and roots very soft and light. Coconut oil can be used in several ways, some of the major ways are given below:

–           Take some amount of coconut oil and mix it with some fresh lemon juice. Just rub it and massage on your scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off for amazing results.

–           You can also use only some amount of warm coconut oil. Just take it in a bowl and then start massing on your scalp in circular motions. Leave it at least for 10 minutes because it nourishes the hair from scalp to root. It is best to leave it for overnight. Then wash your hairs with a regular shampoo and do this, when you want thrice in week is good for it.

–           Similarly, camphor and coconut juice can also work together for lots of purposes. Just mix the camphor and coconut oil, both in equal manners. It is best to do before going bed and massage it well over your scalp for 10 minutes. Then wash it off and see. Just you will having a smell from camphor but kindly check the colors first.

Olive Oil

Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally

Olive oil is obtained by pressing the whole olives and it is one of the most obvious process. Olive oil has numerous benefits that can only feel, the warmth and texture or nothing else. It is really important to make your hook look shiny and be strong. Olive oil also deal with several scalp problems. Olive oil is rich in autoxidizing agents that helps you to keep your scalp healthier and producer for more hairs.

  • Just do take some amount of hot olive oil. Rub it on palm and do apply in circular motions over your scalp and see the desired results after washing.


Garlic is touted as a terrific herbal remedy for dandruff. Herbalists, who commend the use of garlic as a dandruff removal, pointed out that crushed garlic is a highly concentrated source of allicin. Allicin is a natural anti-fungal and anti-candida compound which can be used as a natural treatment for dandruff due to the fungus and candida, fighting properties of this compound.

Garlic can be used both as an oral and topical treatment for dandruff to reap its dandruff-fighting effects. To get rid of dandruff naturally, crush raw garlic with a garlic press and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes before using it. This gives your garlic enough time to form plenty of dandruff fighting allicin.

  • After allicin has formed, you can use the crushed garlic to spice up your favorite savory dishes, or you can use it as a mask in a topical dandruff treatment.
  • If you are having sensitive skin, then you should dilute garlic or garlic juice before applying it directly on the scalp or skin.
  • Apply your garlic anti-dandruff mask on your hair and scalp, and rub it in thoroughly.
  • Leave the mask on for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse.
  • Finally, wash your scalp and hair with your favorite anti-dandruff shampoo to get rid of the garlic smell.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is said to be an operative home remedy for dandruff. It cleans, nourishes and protects hair from dandruff and leaves it shiny and healthy. Both Aloe Vera gel and Aloe Vera extracts can be used safely to minimize dandruff. It holds pectin and polysaccharides that stimulate the cells and make them divide and grow. New born, and fresh cells results in a healthy scalp.

Aloe Vera comprises of many minerals and vitamins. Its anti–fungal property eliminates dandruff producing fungus and yeast on the scalp. It is having antiseptic stuff that pacifies the scalp, reduces itching and also penetrates deep into the hair and scalp to kill the bacteria and clean it. There are cleansing enzymes in it that takes out the dead skin cell flakes and dandruff.

Here are some operational commands to treat dandruff with Aloe Vera.

  • Squash an Aloe Vera leaf to extract its gel.
  • Apply on the scalp and hair.
  • Massage it softly and wrap a warm, damp towel on your head.
  • Leave on for a few minutes.
  • Wash it off with water using your best shampoo.
  • Repeat the trick 3 times a week for better result.

Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is capable of fighting against dandruffs, because of its anti-fungal properties. Some researchers have attested that tea tree oil shampoo works much better than artificial shampoos and ranks in the best Dandruff home remedies.

Well oils are available in both organic and purest form, but it is only in the purest form of oil will the essential nutrients be present in adequate amount. Make sure that you have bought the purest form of tea tree oil from the drugstore. There are numerous ways through which you can use tea tree oil, but the most popular and easiest way will be to use it along with shampoo. Here are some tips for its best use to get positive result.

  • Choose a shampoo which is gentle in nature and without any kind of strong smell.
  • The best way is to use a bottle to mix shampoo with few drops of tea tree oil, perfectly 1 drop of oil for 3ml of shampoo.
  • Make sure the mixture is in correct proportion; even the slightest change in quantity may reduce the effects.
  • After applying the mixture on hair, don’t try to rinse it off immediately as it might take some time for the oil to soak in completely.


Neem has numerous uses, mainly as a remedy for many common human’s problems, one of which is ‘Dandruff’. It is a very communal condition, related to the scalp. Actually, it is found to persist among 50% of the world’s population.

Mostly, dandruff is considered as flaking of the dead skin cells of the scalp, it can be reason of embarrassment and discomfort.  But, this problem is curable with natural dandruff remedies which includes neem. Now we are introducing you to the method for treating dandruff with neem leaves.

  • Take about 50 neem leaves and boil them in 2 liters of water. Boil them till the water become greenish and the leaves soften and lose their color.
  • Strain the leaves and keep aside the solution till it cools down. This pure neem water can be used to clear the dandruff as well as to control hair fall.


  • Heat 4-5 cups of water and add two handfuls of neem leaves to it. Let this stand overnight. Lastly, massage your hair with this water to relieve itchiness and irritation caused by dandruff.
  • The soaked leaves can be made into a paste and used separately to be applied to the scalp as yet another treatment for this scalp problem.

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